The magical cure!

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Hey dummy, let me say this clearly: There. is. NO. magical cure. to. your. problems! Not medication. Not counseling. There is NO Harry Potter bullshit magic. There are only tools. Tools that will allow you to do work. Medication is a tool. Counseling is a tool. Along with the tools of medication and counseling we use a variety of other in our recovery. But, and listen/read closely, there are no magical cures. Deal with it.

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Tony Robbins- State Breaking (Video)

Here’s a really interesting video put together by theĀ Charisma on Command youtube channel.

In this video Charlie breaks down Tony’s method of breaking a depressed person’s negative state. Tony makes use of some very powerful techniques for stepping out of depression, at least in the moment. Once we have an understanding of these techniques, which Charlie provides, we can then apply them to ourselves and take control of our own states. Continue reading “Tony Robbins- State Breaking (Video)”

An update!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of content lately. I recently moved from China back to my previous home of Bangkok, Thailand. I’m settled into a room and have work now. More content will be coming soon!

Planned posts:

  • 40 year retrospect- reflections on 40 years on this planet / It’s my birthday šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦
  • Victim mentality / Learned helplessness
  • Some sort of video and review of the video

Thank you all for your patience!